Doxey Inc.


Consulting and educational services for financial operations

Services Provided

Education and Training

Objective: Education and training programs with the latest content on the most current topics. We will also work with our clients to provide a custom training program to meet a specific need or requirement.

Our programs are offered in three different ways.

  • On Demand Webinars

  • Live Webinars

  • Seminars



Consulting Services

Objective: To consult with other firms using my foundation of experience in the areas of financial operations, internal controls, risk management and controllership at Fortune 100 companies

Areas of Focus

  • Business Process Improvement and Transformation

  • Financial Operation Process Reviews and Evaluations

  • SOX 404 and Business Control Audits

  • Implementation of Standards of Internal Control for Financial Operations

  • Process, Policy and Procedure Reviews

  • AP, P2P, and O2C Process Reviews, Metrics, and Benchmarking

Educational Topics


  • The Top 20 Controls for Your Company

  • SOX Compliance for AP

  • Detecting and Preventing AP Fraud

  • Detecting and Preventing P-Card Fraud

  • The Top 20 P-Card Controls

  • P2P Metrics and Dashboards

  • Implementing Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • 10 Best Practices to Improve Your Financial Close

What to Expect

  • Each engagement is specifically tailored to the business problem identified by the client.

  • Engagement work and cost estimates are provided as part of a statement of work as defined in each client proposal.

  • The objective is every engagement is to both deliver the requested solution and transfer the knowledge necessary for the client’s organization to be self-sufficient in the problem space in the future.

  • Our unique deliverables will include standards of internal controls, new policies and procedures for a specific financial process, training programs, compliance procedures, supplier master screening programs, self-audit and assessment checklist, benchmarking approaches, metrics toolkits, and P2P automation project plans.

Compelling blogs and articles with practical information

Internal Controls and Compliance

  • Your 1099 Primer

  • Watch Out for Cyber Fraud: Common Schemes and How to Protect Your Business

  • Developing an Effective Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Internal Controls Program

  • Combining KYC Controls with Other Regulatory Screening Requirements

  • What are the Types of Duplicate Payments?

  • Your Supplier Portal Implementation Roadmap

  • Are My Suppliers Real? Supplier Master Best Practices

P2P Automation

  • Your P2P Automation Roadmap

  • 10 Ways that P2P Automation Can Mitigate Risk

  • Mapping Your Pain Point to the P2P Automation Solution

  • Automating Your AP Self-Audit Process

  • Developing Your P2P Automation Scorecard

  • Using Analytics to Identify Supplier Fraud

Your P2P Scorecard

  • Developing Analytics for Your AP Team

  • Developing Analytics for Your Procurement Team


  • Managing vs. Mentoring Others

  • The Top Fifteen Leadership Skills That Every Controller Needs

  • The Transition of AP from Processor to Analyst

  • Motivating and Rewarding the New AP Professional

  • Applying Situational Leadership to Your Leadership Challenges